EHR Tutor - A comprehensive electronic charting solution for Pocket Nurse® Customers

EHR Tutor now integrates with Demo Dose® drugs by Pocket Nurse® and SimCabRx™ by KbPort.

Medication Dispensing and Administration

EHR Tutor patient orders and names automatically appear in SimCabRx™ so students will see relevant data when switching between the EHR system and medication cabinet. Once the student is at the patient's bedside, EHR Tutor will allow the student to review orders, complete all patient charting and record the properly administered medications. Barcode scanning functionality is included. Print barcodes based on your patient's orders or use Pocket Nurse's Demo Dose®  barcodes.

Powerful Charting Capabilites

EHR Tutor allows your students to chart electronically for simulations, clinicals, and the classroom. Our web-based systems allows for maximum accessibility and works on any computer, tablet or smart phone. It is compatible with all major operating systems and browsers. Give your students a realistic charting experience with all standard charting as well as specialty items including: Mental Health, Labor and Delivery, Newborn, Pediatric, Outpatient, Community Health, Home Health Aid and EMT/EMS modules.

Easy Setup

100+ pre-built patient charts available with the ability to edit our patient charts and/or create your own. Saved patient charts remain intact with no "cleanup" between simulations. Relative dates and times prevent instructors from doing "cleanup" between scenarios or over time. The new "Scenes" feature allows quick setup of unfolding scenarios as well.

Resources for Quick Implementation

After training, receive live support on demand. Resource library, prebuilt activities and regular webinars help make implementation a breeze. With EHR Tutor and Pocket Nurse®, your faculty is never alone.

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