EHR Tutor Is the Most Versatile Educational EHR Training Tool on The Market.

Clinical Features

Create Charts

Students easily create patient charts during or after clinical rotations.

Realistic Documentation

Students document vital signs, labs, apply nursing diagnosis, and more.

Care Plans

Students can build and submit care plans for instructors to review.

Mobile Friendly

EHR Tutor works on tablets, iPhones, and Android devices as long as they have an internet connection and a web browser.

Easy Grading

Grading is fast and easy. EHR Tutor keeps student work organized and allows space for feedback and can be transferred to the student record for accreditation purposes.

The Training and Support team at EHR Tutor is second to none. Every time my students or I have called for help, someone answers immediately and is able to solve our problem right then and there.

Patty Valukievic, Instructor