EHR Tutor is designed to be flexible enough for use in a variety of lab settings including skills labs and high fidelity simulation labs.

Simulation Features

100+ Pre-built patient charts

Over 150+ pre-built template patients included.  Easily edit any of our scenarios or create your own.  Includes pediatrics and obstetrics.

Realistic Bar Code Scanning

Use barcode scanners with free EHR Tutor barcodes in the MAR to prepare your students for working in a hospital environment. Integrates with Pocket Nurse Demo Dose ® and Wallcur Practi-Meds®.

Unfolding Case Studies

Scenes, or unfolding scenarios allow educators to create triggers that change multiple pages of the chart—new vital signs, new lab work, signed orders. Unfolding scenarios bring real-time decision making into the simulation lab.

Flexible Scenario clocks

Flexible scenario clocks allow you to control everything in your simulation down to the minute.

Shared patients for group work and collaborative labs

Share patient information during scenarios to recreate the group dynamics of a real-world environment.

Digital Dispensing

Students can practice automated medication dispensing systems without the need for expensive hardware.

The Training and Support team at EHR Tutor is second to none. Every time my students or I have called for help, someone answers immediately and is able to solve our problem right then and there.

Patty Valukievic, Instructor