About EHR Tutor

An affordable, easy to use solution for Simulation Labs, Clinicals and Classrooms

About Us

EHR Tutor was originally created by Diane Yeager, RN, a 16 year nursing education veteran.  Diane has always been an advocate for the use of technology in education and created the website FreeNurseTutor.com while working as an Instructor. When she started to explore the current Electronic Health Record Systems available for Nursing and Allied Health schools, she realized there were no truly affordable, user-friendly options on the market that were flexible enough to fit the needs of different programs and teaching styles.

From that problem, a solution was born: EHR Tutor.
Our goal was to provide a solution to electronic charting that's not only extremely affordable but incredibly easy to navigate. As any instructor knows---if a program is difficult to operate, it will be impossible to get faculty buy-in. Because of that, we've designed a system that is so intuitive for both instructors and students, it can be used the same day of training.

As we’ve grown and added more features for our users, we’ve stuck to our fundamental beliefs – unprecedented support, affordability and ease of use.

In 2018 EHR Tutor joined the ATI Nursing Education family.  You may have heard of ATI Nursing Education and maybe you’re a client – they have been part of nursing education for 20 years. We decided to do this because ATI works with thousands of nursing programs across the country, and their resources and relationships will help us make EHR Tutor an even better teaching tool for our partners and their students.

Case Study

See how an Arizona based career technical program introduces electronic charting to students using EHR Tutor.

White Papers

Simulate the medication administration process with barcode scanning, electronic charting and practice medications.

Poster Presentation

Incorporating EHR technology into student clinical packets